Questions & Answers

What is herbal tea?

A blend of dried herbs, spices, flowers, fruit, leaves, bark or root that is steeped in hot water. It does not contain leaves from the tea plant.

Does herbal tea contain caffeine?

They are typically caffeine-free.

Can your herbal tea be consumed hot or cold?

Yes, this herbal tea can be consumed both hot and cold, depending on your preference. When served hot, it can provide a comforting and soothing experience, making it a great choice for colder weather or when you want to relax. When served cold, it can be a refreshing and hydrating beverage, especially during warmer months or when you're looking for a cool and revitalizing option.

Keep in mind that the flavor profile and characteristics of the herbal tea might vary slightly between hot and cold preparations. Some herbal teas might taste more robust and aromatic when hot, while others might offer a lighter and crisper taste when chilled. Feel free to experiment with both temperature options to discover the one that suits your taste preferences the best

What does loose leaf mean?

When tea is sold as loose leaf, it means that the leaves have not been broken down into smaller pieces or crushed, preserving their original size and shape.

Are there advantages to drinking loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf tea offers several advantages:

  1. Loose leaf tea is often of higher quality because the leaves are less processed and retain more of their natural flavors and aromas.
  2. The larger surface area of whole tea leaves allows for a more nourishing and flavorful infusion.
  3. Loose leaf tea allows you to control the amount of tea leaves used, resulting in a brew that's tailored to your taste preferences.

What are pyramid sachets?

Pyramid sachets are a type of packaging used for tea. The term "pyramid" refers to the shape of the sachet. They are typically larger and have a three-dimensional shape that allows for more space inside the sachet. This extra space allows the loose leaf tea ingredients to expand fully when steeped, resulting in a better flavor.

As an added bonus our sachets are biodegradable. The main advantage of biodegradable pyramid sachets is their eco-friendly nature; they break down into natural components, reducing the environmental impact.